Launching Lower cost sulfur removal

The Sulfur Problem...


  • Major pollutant with increasing regulations worldwide driving new solutions - most crude and fuel oils require desulfurization to meet mandates

  • Global demand for diesel – our initial target market - is growing

  • Processing facilities need greater capacity to meet growing demands

Proven, Patented Technology


  • 15 years of R&D.....validated independently by major oil companies

  •  Converts thiophenes & other heavy, organic sulfur compounds to sulfones -  best in removing  toughest species (DBTs and DMDBTs)

  • Excellent pre-cursor process for existing HDS installations

The Business Case


  • Lower capex/opex than existing technologies.....estimated savings of 25% or more

  • Can be easily scaled to fit  various application

  • Strong interest from early adopters 

  • Capital efficient investment and licensing model 


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